FOLIO – International Literary Festival of Óbidos

The third edition of the festival FOLIO – International Literary Festival of Óbidos will take place from 19 to 29 October, the month in which the great revolutions took place, and will have many surprises. It is bigger, has more partners, more complicity, more countries to participate, creative cities to collaborate and the theme of this edition is the Revolutions.

International Literary Festival of Óbidos

International Literary Festival of Óbidos

This year’s edition has many new features, including some exhibitions related to the theme of the festival, organized by the Assembly of the Republic, on the revolution April 25, by the Belém Cultural Center, on Art and Human Rights, among many others.

Another of the great attractions this year is the coming of authors from various countries like Canada, Croatia, Brazil, France, Hungary, Colombia, among others. An excellent opportunity to get to know various authors and works of renowned authors from other countries.

FOLIA will once again bring the party to Óbidos Vila Literária with eleven days of Concerts, exhibitions, theater and other initiatives. All exclusive or premieres FOLIO. In the music, stand out names like Rodrigo Leão, the debut in Portugal of the new show of Maria João with the musical reading of the work of the Brazilian author Aldir Blanc, Aldina Duarte with the special participation of Carlão, Norberto Lobo and Cante Alentejano, and many other artists who intend to invade FOLIO with the revolution in styles, formats and contaminate the public of the festival with new perspectives that celebrate tradition and modernity on the same stage.

FOLIO – International Literary Festival of Óbidos 1

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