Quinta do Sanguinhal

Quinta do Sanguinhal 1

Aldeia do Sanguinhal


Sanguinhal is a small village nearby Carvalhal, in Bombarral, in the Central region of Portugal, in a beautiful rural area marked by its very fertile soils where renowned wines are produced.

The landscape is marked by fields of vineyards and fruit trees, that were influenced by the monks of Alcobaça during the middle age.
The “Quinta do Sanguinhal” is a famous wine producer and one of the most beautiful places in the village, that is also enriched by the interesting Santo António Church, dated from the 19th centre, situated right in the central nucleus of this lovely rural village.

For wine tasting or  visiting the vineyards please contact :

Telephone: (+351) 262 609 199
Mobile: (+351) 914 493 231
Mobile: (+351) 913 116 600

Email: enoturismo@vinhos-sanguinhal.pt

Monday to Friday
 – Visits at: 10:30am and 3pm
Weekends and Holydays – Contact us

The program includes:

▪ A walk through the family house’s 19th century garden and vineyard;

▪ Visit to an old, high capacity, distillery;

▪ Visit to a unique 7 tank ancient pressing-room dated 1871;

▪ Visit to a brandy and fortified wine’s ageing room, still in use, with 36 casks;


OPTION A – duration: 1h30

▪ Guided tour;

▪ 7 wines tasting (2 whites, 1 rosé, 3 reds, 1 fortified wine), with crackers, regional cheese and mini pastel de nata (custard tarts).


◦ Week days:

▪ minimum 2 pax: For prices please contact directly


OPTION B – duration: 3h00

▪ Guided tour;

▪ 7 wines tasting (2 whites, 1 rosé, 3 reds, 1 fortified wine*), with crackers;

▪ Buffett (self-service) meal, entirely cooked by Quinta do Sanguinhal’s


▪ Wine: the wines from the tasting are available during the meal.