obidos_01This historical Portuguese village is like an open museum, where pages of history are and were written and a medieval environment always makes you feel like time has stopped.

Óbidos was captured from the Moors by the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, in 1148. In 1210 the kind Afonso the 2nd donated it to his wife, Queen D. Urraca and in 1281 it was also donated by king D. Dinis to his future wife: the Queen Santa Isabel. From then until 1883, the town of Óbidos and the surrounding land was always the property of the queens of Portugal, and maybe that is the reason why the town has maintained such a lovely, romantic and picturesque aspect all over the centuries.

obidos_02Its narrow ancient streets, with white houses, adorned with bougainvillias and honeysuckle, small traditional shops and a relaxing environment, make of Óbidos one of the most lovely places in Portugal.

From the top of the Castle, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in the country, a beautiful panorama over the surroundings areas, blessed by nature, is provided. This Castle also accommodates nowadays one of the finest and prestige hotels in Portugal.

Several interesting highlights can be found in Óbidos, such as the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Chapel, the Santa Maria Church (probably built during the Visigoth occupation period and later transformed into a mosque during the Moorish occupation period), the Misericórdia Church, the São Martinho Chapel, the Senhor da Pedra Sanctuary (outside the city walls) or even the interesting Municipal Museum.

obidos_03Inside Óbidos walls, in the Rua Direita, it is possible to find diversified traditional items and noteworthy handicraft shops.
In the Tourist office several information is provided, and there is the possibility of having guided tours that better show how attractive and beautiful town Óbidos is.

Several events take place every year in Óbidos. The most important are the Holy Week Festivities (recreating the steps on the Way of the Cross), the Ancient Music Festival in October and the International Chocolate festival in November.

Places to visit:

  • Castle
  • Nossa Senhora do Carmo Chapel
  • Santa Maria Church
  • Misericórdia Church
  • São Joao Baptista Church
  • São Pedro Church
  • São Tiago Church
  • São Martinho Chapel
  • Ordem Terceira Chapel
  • Town Gate
  • Porta do Vale ou Sr.ª da Graça
  • Pelourinho e Telheiro
  • Main Street (Rua Direita
  • Aqueduct
  • Senhor Jesus da Pedra Sanctuary
  • Municipal Museum
  • Parish Museum
  • Abílio de Mattos e Silva Museum
  • Nova Ogiva Gallery
  • Casa do Pelourinho Gallery


  • February – Chocolate Festival
  • Data Variável – Holy Week festivities
  • May – Maio Barroco
  • June – Junho das Artes
  • July –Medieval Fair
  • August – Opera Festival
  • October – Temporada de Cravo
  • December – Christmas Village