Winter holidays – Discover the possibilities in Silver Coast

Winter holidays – Discover the possibilities in Silver Coast 1

Winter came to stay. The typically rigorous cold from this season is a constant and we almost forget about how wonderful is to enjoy some nice winter holidays. Find out with us the possibilities in Costa da Prata and prepare yourself for some nice holidays full of cities and villages incomparably beautiful with adorable people and with a gastronomy full of flavour, culture and tradition.

If you are looking for a place to spend your winter holidays, the county of Bombarral is the ideal place due to its privileged location in Costa da Prata. The county is located in the South of Leiria’s district, in the center of the West Tourism Region, about 75 km from Lisbon and 20 km from the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered to the North by the village of Óbidos and by the city of Caldas da Rainha, to the west by the municipalities of Lourinhã and Peniche, to the south by the city of Torres Vedras and to the east by the neighboring village of Cadaval.

In this fantastic region of Costa da Prata there is no shortage of the intrinsic historical aspect, although it is a county relatively young, there are 2 clear evidences of the human presence since earliest days of prehistory. Gruta Nova, Lapa do Suão, neolithic fortification from Columbeira and Castro de São Mamede are clear examples of a long historical passage through these lands, mystical and deliciously Portuguese.

Yes… Bombarral is a place that lived Portugal’s formation and that felt the nobel ascension of a new nation. There were several Kings of Portugal that ended up spending and staying several days around these lands, donated by D. Afonso Henriques to the monks of Cister. Among these, is D. João I of Portugal, before the battle of Aljubarrota, accompanied by his Monteiro-mor, Luís Henriques, in House of Coutada, later designated palace and today City Hall.

Later the soil of Bombarral was stage of the fight for independence in “Combate de Roliça” were the Anglo-Portuguese army, commanded by General Wellesley, future Duke of Wellington, was victorious. Here, you can visit the Tumble of Colonel Lake, honoring this lieutenant colonel, who had perished here.
Well, it is seen that Bombarral is full of history, every road, every monument, and every cobble stone saw and lived a fight for independence and liberation that led to the formation of Portugal.

However, if the historical aspect didn’t convince you, you can enjoy beautiful walks through the Municipal Garden and the Mata, as well as appreciate the beautiful landscapes created by the agricultural lands that produce a variety of vegetables and fruits, namely the well-known Pêra Rocha, which gives the name to the Pêra Rocha annual festival.

As we have seen, Bombarral is a simple Portuguese village situated on the Costa da Prata, in an area of ​​very fertile lands where a wine of excellence is produced and where many tasty and varied fruits abound. Here the gastronomy is characterized by the typical quality of its products, however, the main highlight are the seafood dishes, fish dishes and the old recipes of peasant dishes from the old farms and Casa de Lavoura.

With a beautiful architectural heritage, Bombarral also offers several visits, highlighting the modern Main Church or Parish Church of the Holy Savior of the World.

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