Did you already know Nazaré beach?

Did you already know Nazaré beach? 1

The beach of Nazaré , in the district of Leiria, extends for an immense sand and prolongs by the Main Avenue where the greater part of the commerce is realized. However, despite being one of the busiest beaches on the west coast, it is also one of the most traditional fishing areas.

On this beach you can still enjoy the art of sewing the nets or preparing the bait, and the women, dressed in the traditional costume of the seven skirts, take care of the fish that is drying on the stakes.

The costume of the 7 skirts - Nazaré

The costume of the 7 skirts – Nazaré

Praia da Nazaré is also very popular with surfers and bodyboarders. On several occasions, the biggest wave in the world was caught by surfers in the wild waters of Nazareth.

In October 2014 Garrett McNamara caught the world’s biggest wave at about 30 meters high, followed by Frenchman Benjamin Sanchis who in 2015 also got the record at Praia de Nazaré.

In April 2017, the Italian Francisco Porcella, won the World Surfing League award for surfing the world’s biggest wave with 22 meters.

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