Find out which are the most amazing Restaurants in the Portuguese Silver Coast

Find out which are the most amazing Restaurants in the Portuguese Silver Coast 1

The long-awaited holidays are approaching and many of us have begun to think of the best destinations to enjoy unforgettable moments in our leisure time. And you, have you started planning your vacation? If you have not already done so, and consequently, have not yet pondered on the ideal destination that such the Costa de la Plata? A destination located in Portugal that is characterized by an absolutely extraordinary natural beauty. But not only! Find out that the gastronomy from here is mouthwatering and, to arouse the curiosity of your palate, we took advantage of a selection of 5 typical Portuguese restaurants that, last year, we also shared with our readers. Visit the Costa da Prata, be fascinated by the beauty of this region and delight in the superb Portuguese cuisine.5 fantastic restaurants to visit in different Portuguese cities:

Bombarral – The Winery

 Restaurante o Lagar, Bombarral

Restaurante o Lagar, Bombarral

Restaurante O Lagar located in the vicinity of Bombarral, next to the Sanctuary of Senhor Jesus do Carvalhal, is a small, cozy and family-friendly space. The place is a reference in the traditional gastronomy of the region both by the high standards and quality, and by the typically Portuguese flavors that fill the heart of any good lover of comforting food. Jerk rice, octopus with lagareiro, lulinhas or fried little cakes are more than enough reasons to visit this restaurant or, if you prefer meats, mature veal steak and fried kid with roasted rice, as well as the fried rabbit and duck rice justify the choice.

Caldas da Rainha – Solar dos amigos

Solar Dos Amigos Restaurant Reviews, Caldas da Rainha, Brazil - TripAdvisor

Solar Dos Amigos Restaurant Reviews, Caldas da Rainha, Brazil – TripAdvisor

Solar of friends, Luisa Nunes is the owner and has worked in the restaurant since she was 13 years old. Luisa guarantees that this business is her biggest passion, of course this is reflected in the quality and taste of her dishes. The decoration linked to the equestrian activities were inspired by one of the passions of her husband, who works with horses. It is notorious that the environment is familiar and unique. Discover this fantastic space in Caldas da Rainha and let yourself be enchanted by a very warm and warm, typically Portuguese space.

Obidos – Kitchen of the Queens

Restaurante Cozinha das Rainhas, Óbidos

Restaurante Cozinha das Rainhas, Óbidos

Cozinha das Rainhas, located in the historical center of Óbidos you will find a modern and refined space. Through the wide and majestic windows it is possible to admire the wall of Óbidos and absorb a little of its history, knowing that what is served in the restaurant, from the bread to the coffee chocolate, is of its own manufacture. The decor is contemporary and features several exposed oil paintings to enjoy while you eat your meal. The atmosphere is distinctive, decorated with fresh flowers and cheerful by day and, at night, is decorated with torches and candles. This space isknown and characterized by its cuisine, based on traditional Portuguese flavors, combining influences from around the world in a creative and refined way. The excellence of the service and the high porno of the place is the wine cellar where you can find the best national wines that complete the recipe making this wonderful space one of the main gastronomic references of the region.

Peniche – Restaurant of the Park

Park Restaurant, Peniche

Park Restaurant, Peniche

Park’s restaurant, located in peniche, for fish enthusiasts is an excellent choice. The house always serves fresh fish and can count on excellent dishes and a lot of variety, from the fried squid, alfaquique with açorda de roe, the rice of fish, the mass of fish or sequinho fish. Fish soup is also a great choice. Ideal restaurant for fish lovers!

Serra d’el Rei – Tribeca

Tribeca Restaurant, Serra De'l Rey

Tribeca Restaurant, Serra De’l Rey

Tribeca, a relaxed, cheerful and welcoming space where the décor, music and food fill the visitors. In this restaurant you can expect a convivial atmosphere that will inevitably extend beyond the meal. Sample the specialties or drinks in the lounge, at the counter, or on the patio where you can enjoy the sunshine for lunch and the mild summer evenings at dinner. Regarding the dishes, count on a style of cuisine of varied flavors and dishes, where the Portuguese tradition meets other cuisines in particular the Mediterranean cuisine. Fish, seafood and meat, but also risottos and pastas, washed down with an extensive wine list highlighting our region.

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