Know some reasons that lead people to visit Portugal

Know some reasons that lead people to visit Portugal 1

Portugal is a country that makes anyone fall in love thanks to its people, its mild climate, its landscapes and its gastronomy. Each region has incredible treasures to discover, full of tradition and history! Learn what makes this country unique.

Portugal has characteristics that distinguish it unequivocally. Their traditions are so unique that only these people know the meaning of « saudade », echoed by the voices of great “fadistas”. Visiting Portugal can be synonymous with beach holidays, a few days of rest in the countryside or some extreme activities, such as surfing.

The capital – Lisbon and its typical neighbourhoods

A visit to Lisbon is also the discovery of a cosmopolitan city. However, it has, in its essence, the tradition of its more traditional neighbourhoods. Walking through the streets of Baixa, Chiado or get lost in Bairro Alto or Alfama is to be flooded with the colours and smiles of a people who, so well, knows how to receive! The electric tram rides are a hint not to be missed!


No one describes better the suffering and longing than the voice of a fadista! This is one of the greatest traditions of the country and can be enjoyed a little throughout Portugal, with special success in the bars of Lisbon.

Porto – The beauty of both margins

Porto doesn´t leave anyone indifferent, for the beauty of its margins and for the architectural and historical wealth of the city. Have a coffee at the traditional Majestic and discover the city on foot, heading to the Lello Bookstore.

The gastronomy

Who visits Portugal falls in love with the treasures of the regional gastronomy. Whether in Minho, Douro, Alentejo or Algarve, the typical delicacies are a must and they will fill the stomach of tourists with comfort!

The wine

The renowned port wine is of an unexplained essence and aroma! A visit to the cellars with a wine tasting is an unforgettable experience.

The unforgettable waves

Let the famous Garrett McNamara say how much he appreciates the waves of Nazaré. Porugal has a strong culture by the sea and perfect areas for surfing. The whole coastline allows the practice of this modality, with special emphasis on Nazaré or Peniche.

The beaches

The entire coastline of Portugal is surrounded by golden sand beaches and breathtaking landscapes. On Costa de Prata you will find places with a unique beauty! It is worth visiting, for example, Óbidos Lagoon, where the border with the sea makes it an election place for families.

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Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 2

Portugal is a country marked by religious tradition. All of its cities have fragments left over, through the centuries, by the presence of the various ideologies. Discover the best places to visit in Costa de Prata.

Portugal is a country strongly marked by Religious Tourism. There is a historical heritage rich in churches, chapels, hermitages, festivities and cults associated with the various religious ideologies that are being experienced in Portugal.

Christianity and Judaism are two of the religions with the greatest inheritance in Costa de Prata. We compiled some of the places that are worth to visit during your stay in Portugal.

Some of the Religious Sites to Visit in Costa de Prata

Fátima’s Sanctuary

Fátima: Fátima’s Sanctuary is the most emblematic place of Religious Tourism in Portugal. In 2017, it completed its centenary. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world meet in this place, moved by faith to Our Lady of Fatima.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 3

Monastery of Alcobaça

Alcobaça: The monumental complex of the Monastery of Alcobaça is one of the greatest examples of the presence of the Cistercian Order in the country. Its church is the first Gothic example in Portugal.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 4

Convent of Christ

Tomar: This is described as the “home of the Templar Knights”. Since its origin in 1160, this monumental ensemble has touched the most significant moments of national history.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 5

Monastery of Batalha

This historic monument of religious character was constructed by faith by the order of one of the kings of Portugal, in gratitude for the victory of the Battle of Aljubarrota. The space has been under construction for over 150 years and it is amazing to appreciate the small details of its frontage.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 6

Portuguese Central Way (Santiago de Compostela)

The paths of Santiago de Compostela pass through several Portuguese cities. Costa de Prata is crossed by the Portuguese Central Way, the most traveled on national soil. This goes from Lisbon to North, passing through Santarém, Tomar, Coimbra until Porto.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 7

Belmonte Synagogue

Historically, the synagogues were implemented in places of active Jewish communities. Belmonte is an example of the practice of Judaism since the thirteenth century, and is a must visit in case of searching for traces of religion in Portugal.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 8

Óbidos Synagogue

This place built in the Middle Ages is in the same location where it is thought to have existed a Synagogue in the city, with Obidos having a rich heritage of fragments of the Judaic presence.

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit 9

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What you can visit on a holiday by the Silver Coast

In the last article, Discover the wonders of the Silver Coast , we present you some beaches that you can visit on the Silver Coast . Today we will be more city-dwellers and highlight three magnificent cities that transpire Portugal and that should, indispensaably, be part of your list of visits.



This city is a symbol of youth, known for being the oldest university city in Europe. It is common to find students who, very rigorously, respect the academic traditions wandering the streets clustered in their majestic black capes. Here you can enjoy a lot of music, live one of the most Portuguese experiences, fado, or simply have fun in the many academic festivals, including the burning of the tapes.

The university, located above the city, stands out by the famous tower and sumptuous baroque style library. In the adjacent districts of Coimbra you will find the Romanesque Cathedral and the Machado de Castro Museum with the cryptoportico of Roman origin that you can not miss.

The streets, these, are old and carry a lot of stories in medieval walls, arches and swords. Visit also the Monastery of Santa Cruz, founded in 1131, the Church of Santiago and the Monastery of Celas, dating back to the 18th century. XVIII. On the other side of the Mondego river you must visit the Convent of Santa Clara-a-Nova, with baroque style of the century. XVII.



Known worldwide as one of the greatest centers of pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary of the Catholic world. He was visited by Pope Francisco on the 20th of May 2017. Here you can visit the Basilica and Chapel of the Apparitions of Fatima. The magnificent sanctuary attracts thousands of pilgrims annually, especially on 13 May and 13 October, when the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the three Little Shepherds are celebrated.

Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz

For those who enjoy long beaches and excellent conditions and facilities for water sports, this resort at the mouth of the river Mondego is the ideal destination for a visit. You can also choose to visit the Parish Church, the Casa do Paço from the 16th century. XVII, the Municipal Museum, the Fortress of Santa Catarina that dates back to the 17th century. XVI and Pelourinho.

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No more excuses, this summer is a great reason to visit the area where the sea invites the land to dance.