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Visitar Portugal

Know some reasons that lead people to visit Portugal

Portugal is a country that makes anyone fall in love thanks to its people, its mild climate, its landscapes and its gastronomy. Each region has incredible treasures to discover, full of tradition and history! Learn what makes this country unique. Portugal has characteristics that distinguish it unequivocally. Their traditions are so unique that only these […]

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Villas on Costa de Prata

If you are looking for Holiday Villas on Costa de Prata this article is for you!

The Silver Coast is an extraordinary region of Portugal. As its name suggests, it is an area full of history, culture and traditions. No one remains indifferent to its natural beauty, known for the white sandy beaches, the sublime views of the sea and the greatness of its secular forests. This scenery makes us feel, […]

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Lagoa de Óbidos na Costa de Prata

Discover the Lagoa de Óbidos on Silver Coast

The West Coast of Portugal is rich in landscapes that make anyone fall in love at first sight. The Lagoa de Óbidos is one of the places that will leave you completely in love. Discover this treasure in the heart of the Silver Coast. In less than 20kms from Óbidos, you can enjoy the largest […]

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Accommodation near Guardian Bom Sucesso Golf

Are you looking for accommodation near Guardian Bom Sucesso Golf?

For those who enjoy outdoor sports, in a relaxed and refined environment, Golf is an excellent option. In Portugal, there are many fields of excellence where you can practice. Today we will present to you the Guardian Bom Sucesso Golf and some suggestions of fantastic accommodations near the golf course so that you can enjoy […]

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Praia del Rey - Alojamentos

Praia d’el Rey Portugal – Get the best places to see

Praia del Rey – in the middle of Costa de Prata – is perfect to enjoy a few days of rest. Here, tranquillity reigns and the pleasant climate invites outdoor sports. Discover the best accommodations in the region. Praia d’el Rey is a real treasure in the heart of Costa de Prata. Located in less […]

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Turismo religioso na Costa de Prata

Religious tourism in Costa de Prata – Know what to visit

Portugal is a country marked by religious tradition. All of its cities have fragments left over, through the centuries, by the presence of the various ideologies. Discover the best places to visit in Costa de Prata. Portugal is a country strongly marked by Religious Tourism. There is a historical heritage rich in churches, chapels, hermitages, […]

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Winter holidays – Discover the possibilities in Silver Coast

Winter came to stay. The typically rigorous cold from this season is a constant and we almost forget about how wonderful is to enjoy some nice winter holidays. Find out with us the possibilities in Costa da Prata and prepare yourself for some nice holidays full of cities and villages incomparably beautiful with adorable people […]

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Enjoy the Portuguese Christmas in Silver Coast

Christmas time came strong and with it, came the typical cold of December. At this time, we already started planning how our Christmas will be. For those who still haven’t decided where to spend their Christmas time and what activities to do, we write this article suggesting Aveiro as a Christmas destination. Aveiro is an […]

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10 fantastic places to visit in Nazaré, Portugal

Nazaré Village has its own charm. It is full of culture, customs, habits and “portugality”. Discover 10 wonderful places to visit in Nazaré and mark now your holidays. Nazaré trench The Nazaré beach is internationally known because of their big ocean waves, absolutely inviting especially for water sports lovers. However, some people don’t know that […]

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