Peniche will receive the most important Professional Surf Competition in the World.  From the 20th to 31st of October the most prestigious surfers will dispute the RIP CURL PRO PORTUGAL, a competition from  WSL – WORLD SURF LEAGUE.  


During the World Surf Championship the Campaign Por um Oceano sem Plástico (For an Ocean Free of Plastic) will also take place. The purpose of this campaign is to raise people’s awareness about the Ocean Pollution and about the necessity to decrease the plastic consumption.

Por um Oceano sem Plástico

The events will take place simultaneously in Peniche (Cascais). The beaches were the eight surfers are set to dispute the title were already chosen and are very well known by surfers from all around the world: Supertubos (Peniche), Carcavelos e Guincho (Cascais). In this time of the year, the chosen beaches for the event reunite very favorable weather conditions for the realization of surf competitions. The choice was perfect e the agitation promises to take care of the Cascais coastal areas.

If you are a surf lover and you missed the opportunity to take a look at the eight competitors which will fight for the  World Surf Championship Cup, we show you the participant list: John John Florence , Jordy Smith , Gabriel Medina , Owen Wright , Matt Wilkinson , Julian Wilson , Adriano de Souza e Filipe Toledo.

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