Portugal West Coast is an emblematic place when you will find colorful landscapes   wonderful hills, forest spots and emblematic beaches.

This area is full of history and culture with great gastronomic influences, still from Portugal’s discovery ages, that reflects the strong connection between Europe and the East.

The fish and seafood dishes are served on the traditional terraces overlooking the sea are a treat for the taste buds and do justice to the native and international castes from which we obtain memorable blends. It should be noted that, in the case of native castes and in the vicinity of Lisbon, we have at least 3 regions: Colares, Bucelas and Alenquer.

The gastronomic marvels are not all there is.  You also have the chance to strengthen your knowledge with some historical visits to heritage places that fill the sights with beauty and reminisce the Portuguese grandeur of all time. Visit Medieval Castles, Renaissance Palaces, Manor Houses or Churches and Convents where you can strengthen your ties with this magnificent culture and history of the portuguese people.


Just because vacations means to enjoy nature you have at your entire disposition the Sintra’s Park – World Heritage; Paúl Boquilobo Natural Reserve and the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park. Not forgetting the sea coast that stretches at our feet in the Atlantic Giant .

Now that we mentioned the sea, we can not forget that this area is a great place for those who enjoy water sports. Here you have endless possibilities like: surfing, bodyboarding, diving, sport fishing, paragliding, hang gliding, climbing, mountain climbing, among many others.


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