Nazaré Village has its own charm. It is full of culture, customs, habits and “portugality”. Discover 10 wonderful places to visit in Nazaré and mark now your holidays.

Nazaré trench

The Nazaré beach is internationally known because of their big ocean waves, absolutely inviting especially for water sports lovers. However, some people don’t know that these huge waves appear because of “Nazaré Trench” phenomenon.

“Nazaré Trench” is a rare geomorphological accident which is a fail in the continental plate with 170 km length and 5 km depth. It is the biggest submergent gorge in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Shrine of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré

The Shrine of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré is located in the principal square of the Nazaré Village, in Sítio of Nazaré, more precisely. It is a baroque style Shrine that nobody stays left in affected. If you like historical monuments, connected with religion and culture it is a place to visit in Nazaré.

Fishing Sierra

The flora of this region is creeping, typical of coastal areas near the ocean and it continues to be well preserved. Here you can see typical Mediterranean species. If you are nature lover you can not miss this visit.

Drying Fish

The tradition of drying the fish is poorly known, however, it was the way to conserve this food for the less abundant days. You can visit Estindarte in the south of Praia de Nazaré in front of the Cultural Center of Nazaré. If you like to know traditions of the oldest people this you have to visit that place on your holidays in Nazaré.

Aguieira Dune

Considered the largest consolidated Dune of Europe, Aguieira Dune belongs to a sedimentary complex of dunes and sands derived to the North of Nazaré, whose width exceeds sometimes the six kilometres. A wonderful retreat for nature lovers.

Sítio’s Wall

Sítio’s Wall, is, nowadays, a neighbourhood of the Village of Nazaré. It was built with the purpose of protecting the village from the storms coming from the west and north. A historical building that will delight the most curious.

Theater Chaby Pinheiro

The Theater Chaby Pinheiro, situated near the Nossa Senhora da Nazaré Shrine, is an Italian typical theatre with highly romantic characteristics. It played a crucial role in the development of amateur theatre in Nazaré. For those who appreciate art and culture, it is a place that should undoubtedly be marked as a point to visit in the Village.

Mount of São Bartolomeu

The Mount São Bartolomeu is an elevation with a magmatic origin that emerges in the midst of a dune landscape covered by the Leiria Pine, which has since been decimated by the fires that occurred in October 2017. Despite the catastrophe, the place deserves a visit because it’s surroundings historical and cultural remains present.

Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo

The Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo it’s a living nook of the past. Marked by turbulent times and great historical landmarks is a place worth of visiting.

Nazaré Elevator

The Nazaré Elevator is an indispensable visit. Apart from facilitating the accesses allows having a unique experience in the Village of Nazaré.

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